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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Easy Swing Card - Photo Tutorial

Good morning everyone, well finally I have made it back here to post my tutorial for the style of Swing Card (aka. Flip Card) that I shared in my previous post.

After showing this technique to a large number of crafters at my Docrafts demonstrations over recent months it was decided that my traditional style of demo freebie written tutorial sheets would be much too complicated for this technique and so a photo tutorial with notes has been created.
Bare with me, I hope it makes sense, please let me know if you think any changes need to be made and I'll update as requested. :)


Remember, I have used my parenthesis rectangle no.2 dies from xcut but you can use any symmetrical shape that has an easily identifiable centre (I will do a quick post this week showing how to easily use a circle too!). These measurements make a 5 1/4" card.

Ok so without further ado here is the tutorial in 10 very easy steps.....
1. -  First take a sheet of card that measures 7 1/4" by 5 1/4".
2. - Work with the card horizontally and score at 2 3/4" and 3 3/4"

3. - Next take you chosen die and place it on top of the card, lining up the centre of the die with the
2 3/4" score line.
4. - Tape the die into place with low tack tape (stick onto clothes if necessary to de-sticky it a little so it will not rip your card when removed). Place the tape over the small middle panel as shown below, this is a good visual reminder of where not to cut or you will ruin the swing mechanism!

5. - Place the card on the base plate of your chosen die cutting machine and feed the top plate through and line it up with the 3 3/4" score line as shown below. Remember, don't cover the tape! Roll through your machine.
By making your sandwich is this staggered way, when you roll it through your machine you will only cut where the sandwich is complete, so in this case the small area on the right side of the score line.

6. - Once out of the machine, turn your card round 180 degrees and make up a new staggered sandwich to cut the other side of the die, as again shown in the photo below. Remember, don't cover the tape! Roll through your machine.
7. - Once cut, remove the die and lay the card horizonally as before.


8. - Now fold the left side of your card over towards the right edge, creasing at the 3 3/4" score line.
9. - Then fold the same side back to your left creasing on the 2 3/4" score line to give you a finished card blank that will stand like this.....

10. - Decorate as required!
Remember that because you used a die to cut the shaped swing panel you can use the same die for a perfect decorative layer as on the front of my card using the tartan paper, AND you can use the smaller shapes with plain card to create a space to write your message to the recipient.


Right, phew! That's it, tutorial done! Now over to you to see what you think of it!
Thanks for stoping by today, I hope it has been a useful visit and I welcome any comments. Ni. :) x


Heike said...

A lovely project and a great tutorial.
Heike xx

Doreen said...

Wonderful card ,love the image...fab Tutorial. Just hopping from DC.xxx

Anonymous said...

this is a brilliant tutorial

craftyeyes said...

fab card great tut thanks for sharing tracy x

Sue - bearhouse said...

WOW! Thank you so much Ni, your tutorial is wonderful and really easy to follow. Thanks for sharing

Diana said...

Fab card Ni and a brilliant tutorial. I love these swing cards. Such fun :) xx

carol said...

oh wow fab tutorial, will try this today..x

Anonymous said...

This is a great tutorial, I can't wait to try this. Many thanks.

sue said...

fab tutorial,thank you.
sue xx

Alizabethy said...

Very inspiring - off to have a play!

Kelly said...

Great tutorial. Love the card x

Rocky said...

Great tutorial thanks. Going to go away now and try it!

ChrisAndCat said...

Fab card and great tutorial, very easy to follow.

Anonymous said...

I do like ths card and so nice to show instructions :D

Mayflower said...

Thank you for sharing this tutorial. Great card. Phyllis xx

Beryl.littlebee said...

Read the post on Docrafts so came to read your tutorial. It's great and I think you may have saved me a 'few bob'! Thank you.

Denise Fletcher said...

What a great tutorial and card shape idea! Thanks for this, its fab x