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Sunday, 30 January 2011

FF Challenge card - ends 30th Jan

Another challenge card from me today, really pleased with some of it, not so sure about the overall finished card though!
This was another DC challenge, this time by CrossStitchQueen, another with a recipie to follow:
* nice pastel colours
* at least one ribbon/bow
* a sentiment/greeting
* backing paper(s)
* a stamped image of any FF bear you wish
* PLUS he/she has to have a friend too.

As the only FF stamp I own is the freebie one from a previous DC mag I decided to attempt something I have seen Barbara Grey do with her stamps, a reflection technique.

You ink up the stamp then carefully roll the brayer over it to 'stamp' the image onto it. Next roll the brayer onto your chosen card/paper and the image will print backwards - a reflection of the original image! Tadaa! (If you look at my bears the one on the right is lighter in colour as this is the reflected image and some of the colour depth seems to have been lost in the transfer process.)

I wanted it to look like the bears were holding the greeting as a banner, not sure it's worked very well though as I didnt notice to start with but the cord is actually coming from the back of their paws and I needed to make a wider card so I could 'hang' the banner from the cord top rather than in the middle!

The rest of the card is pretty obvious, my favourite Happy Birthday sizzix die greeting, a paper ribbon and I cant remember where this spotty backing paper was printed from, oops!

1 comment:

Hazeyj said...

What a beautiful card Ni, and you have used such a clever technique - now I've learned something new too! Hazel x