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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

2nd & 3rd Blog Awards!

Ok so finally I am back with my next post on my other blog award, which also turned into my third one after some comments! :)
So my thanks go to Kate & Carrie, both of whom I would like to call online friends as well as fellower Docrafters who I take part in challenges with and love their work! :)

This award is the 'Stylish Blogger Award'

To accept the award you must share 7 random things about yourself:

1. I have only been abroad on holiday once, that was Kos when I was about 19!

2. I am a neat freak, everything has its place to live and must be lined up just so, lol! The stuff that doesn't have a place yet is a complete tip though!

3. I went back to college and completed my Business Management degree in September 2010.

4. (follows on from above) Was graded a 2.1 with 0.1% off a 1st. Luckily my tutor realised admin had mis-typed my scores and actually I'd earnt myself a 1st Class honours degree!

5. I love music and going to 'gigs'. Most recently was Foo Fighters, though the best was Green Day! :)

6. I love things in the style of Rennie Mackintosh, I have various vases, mirrors, photo frames, jewellery, lamps, candles and probably more!

7.  I am a big supporter of the National Trust, I love visiting their houses and would love to work for them one day!

Well that's that, not very exciting I'm afraid!

Next I am supposed to award 15 recently discovered bloggers with this award.
However I hope neither of these ladies will be offended but I have decided not to pass this award on.

This is due to the fact that I am so very new to blogging and have not devoted much time to it yet that I have found it very hard to find many smaller blogs that I follow that do not already have this award.

Also as wonderful as these awards are I do not wish to get into the habit of just passing these along to people when in reality they are a form of chain letter, and I do not want others just starting out with blogging to feel they must keep passing these on too instead of why they actually started their blog, like me, to share their creations!

I have decided that if I love someones blog, and am truly inspired by their work, I am goin to make myself a little icon that I will offer to people instead of one of these mass circulated awards, they may not want it but thats how I am going to show my appreciation in the future!

I hope this post does not offend anyone and I do feel it is an honour to think that someone may want to pass an award onto me in the future, but I hope they will accept my decision to decline greatfully.
Thanks for reading if anyone even got this far! Ni :) x


Anonymous said...

I am definately with you in this - Nice as it is to receive an 'award' they are very chain letter ish and I really wouldn't pass a chain letter on. So good on you for standing up and I hope you inspire more people to ditch the blog award chain.
x Tricia
(Triciafoj at Docrafts)

Katalytic said...

Ni, grat to see your blogs still going along nicely. You make great cards. I agree about passing on the awards. It's very difficult sometimes to find the numbers and just do the links. It's a great idea to basically award your own without obliging people to pass on. I found a blinkie which says similar. I am going to add it to my blog this weekend, and just thank people if they offer one.

kay said...


~**Bashnee**~ said...

Totally agree, I've got a banner (from the lovely Kay (above)which says that I don't take part in blog awards. I got 4 in the space of a couple of days, although I really apperciate the thought I don't have time to pass them on, so have not accepted any of them (bar humbug!! lol). xx